Thursday, June 8, 2006

What, No Fireworks?

Peering through the blogosphere, I’m seeing that some folks were expecting a bigger reaction to the killing of al-Zarqawi:

As the Blogometer hits deadline, blogosphere reaction to the death of Abu Musa’ab al-Zarqawi grows faster than can possibly be read, let alone commented on. So far though, some quick generalizations can be made. Like last week’s arrest of the Toronto terror suspects, this is by and large a righty blogosphere story. Lefty comments are perfunctory, if they exist at all. If this changes we’ll note it tomorrow.

Well, I haven’t read every blog, but most of the sites I visit — left and right — are unanimous in their approval, but none of them are dancing in the streets. In fact, most of them seem to agree with President Bush: it’s good news, but the war isn’t over. The death of one man isn’t going to change that.

I certainly haven’t read or heard of any lefty blog that was sorry that al-Zarqawi is taking a dirt nap.

I can’t imagine that anyone would try to make political hay out of it. Oh, wait…