Monday, July 30, 2007

No Respect

When I read this story I remembered the old Rodney Dangerfield line: “When I was a kid I was so unpopular that my parents tied a pork chop around my neck so the dog would play with me.”

On Fox News Sunday this morning, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) refused to defend Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against accusations that he may have perjured himself before Congress. “It’s very damaging…we badly need an attorney general who is above any question,” said Gingrich.

He continued: “Both the president and country are better served if the attorney general is a figure of competence. Sadly, the current attorney general is not seen as any of those things. I think it’s a liability for the president. More importantly, it’s a liability for the United States of America.”

Later in the show, host Chris Wallace revealed that no conservative would willingly defend Gonzales on Fox. “By the way, we invited White House officials and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend Attorney General Gonzales,” said Wallace. “We had no takers.”

You know you’re up the creek when you can’t get Republicans to go on Fox News Sunday to defend you.

HT to TPM.