Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christian Conservatives Are Revolting

…and to complete the Mel Brooks homage, “You said it! They stink on ice!”

Actually, they are thinking of bolting from the Republican Party and backing a third-party candidate if Rudy Giuliani is the nominee.

The group making the threat, which came together Saturday in Salt Lake City during a break-away gathering during a meeting of the secretive Council for National Policy, includes Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, who is perhaps the most influential of the group, as well as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, the direct mail pioneer Richard Viguerie and dozens of other politically-oriented conservative Christians, participants said. Almost everyone present expressed support for a written resolution that “if the Republican Party nominates a pro-abortion candidate we will consider running a third party candidate.”

The question then becomes who would they pick? Who’s out there they could rope in that thinks the way they do that isn’t already either in the race (Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee) or is just too crazy for even them to back (Alan Keyes)?

I think it’s hilarious that these blowhards are up the creek with Giuliani as the front-runner. After all their big talk about being the heart and soul of the base of the Republican Party, after all their threats, intimidation, coercion, and just plain bigotry and bullshit against gays, women, science, the law, the Constitution and anything else that doesn’t fit into their exact measurement of right and wrong, they end up finding out that they can’t even get the Republicans to do their bidding.

I do hope they run a third-party candidate, and I hope that whichever white bread right wing blowhard they pick sinks like a turd in well. Then we can finally give them the burial they so richly deserve.