Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fred Fizzles

In what may be one of the shorter campaign arcs in modern political history, Fred Thompson is fading in the Republican polls.

Fred Thompson got into the Republican race with great expectations. And sure enough, just after he got in last month, polling showed Thompson and Rudy Giuliani were just about tied for front-runner.

But since then, Thompson’s taken a lot of flak for a lackluster campaign from party activists in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Support for his campaign has also wavered. The new CNN poll by the Opinion Research Corporation released Tuesday shows Thompson’s support dropping — now at 19 percent, down from 27 percent in September.

He’s now running second, slightly ahead of Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, who has 17 percent. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, still leads with 27 percent.

Perhaps the fact that he comes across on the stump as cadaverous and uninspiring (he had to beg for applause at a town hall meeting in Iowa), uninformed about topics near and dear to the base (he was unfamiliar with the Teri Schiavo case, which is like a Democrat telling his base he doesn’t know who Cindy Sheehan is), strangely unaware of modern history (telling an interviewer that the United States shouldn’t count on the Soviet Union to help with Iran makes you wonder if he’s still on the set of The Hunt for Red October), and even getting dissed by the ghost of Richard Nixon (“he’s friendly but dumb”) might explain why he’s so far failed to ignite the GOP. As it is, the whole crew looks like specimens at a school of mortuary science… or the admissions committee at a restricted country club in Boca Raton. (Yes, I know…the same thing.)

If it’s any comfort, it’s not too late for Mr. Thompson to get his job back on Law & Order. I hear Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) never wanted to be the D.A. in the first place.