Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fred’s First Debate

The Republicans held a debate on economic issues in Detroit yesterday. According to Michael Scherer at, the only twist was that Fred Thompson made his first appearance as a candidate. The former senator-turned-actor scored points by just showing up and not tipping over behind the podium. His answers to the questions sounded like he’d learned all his lines and he had the right amount of folksy charm, throwing in rural references to things like “eating our seed corn” and “Gomer and Goober” (which had to be explained to the audience by his fellow folksy-charmer, Mike Huckabee). Other than that, though, the people who make money analyzing this sort of thing were not terribly impressed.

I caught about twenty minutes of it when I got home from work, enough to hear that Mike Huckabee thinks the Constitution and Congress is an annoyance when it comes to going to war, Tom Tancredo is still obsessed with illegal brown people, and that Rudy Giuliani has added Hillary Clinton to his heretofore one-note repertoire of “9/11” as the one reason people should vote for him. I yelled at the TV when Mr. Giuliani said that Senator Clinton’s health care proposal would “force” you to choose a government-run health care plan. Either he didn’t bother to read her proposal (it does nothing of the sort), or he was just making shit up to sound like he’s a a real winger. (He also ignored the fact that Senator Clinton’s plan is pretty much modeled on the plan signed into law by Rudy’s stage-mate, Mitt Romney, when he was governor of Massachusetts.) After that I switched over to re-run of Star Trek: Voyager on Spike TV.

Your thoughts?