Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hunks

Sen. Larry Craig‘s attorneys are back in court with a new argument for overturning his guilty plea.

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig will argue before an appeals court that Minnesota’s disorderly conduct law is unconstitutional as it applies to his conviction in a bathroom sex sting, according to a new court filing.

This is the first time Craig’s attorneys have raised that issue. However, an earlier friend-of-the-court filing by the American Civil Liberties Union argued that Craig’s foot-tapping and hand gesture under a stall divider at the Minneapolis airport are protected by the First Amendment.

Legal arguments aside, this makes you wonder if Sen. Craig has some kind of perverse death wish to keep this story alive. Everything he’s done in this case has been exactly the wrong thing — from keeping it from his lawyers and family in the beginning to his ham-handed news conferences to his on-and-off intention to resign from the Senate. It’s like he wants this story to stay in the headlines and bring on further pain and humiliation. Well, some people are into that kind of kink, but all it’s done is provide a lot of jokes for late-night TV and enhance the reputation of the GOP as a bunch of moralistic hypocrites. It also brings the gossip and rumors out of the woodwork, including a man who says that he had sex with the senator twenty years ago.

On the other hand, this may be Sen. Craig’s insidious way of undermining the gay rights movement. While those of us who are comfortably out of the closet and trying to prove to the straight community that we’re just average people, he’s giving credence to the stereotypes that we’re all a bunch of cruisey pervs who haunt public restrooms looking for anonymous sex, and in the eyes of the homophobes, there’s not much difference between me and Larry Craig. Feh.