Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Week’s Hits

Last week it was the Religious Reich’s turn in the spotlight with their convention in Washington to see which of the GOP candidates could get through their Inquisition and corner them where they stood on gay-bashing. This week it’s time to go after brown people; David Horowitz is rallying his troops on college campuses for Islamofascism Awareness Week (catchy titles seem to be beyond him), and now Fred Thompson has rolled out his plan to control illegal immigration.

Of course, terrorism is never far from these people’s minds or motivations, and Horowitz seems to think that Muslims are the greatest threat this nation has ever faced. As a commenter at TPM noted,

In honor of Islamofascism awareness week I am busy rewriting all of my old history books in order to properly show that the danger of some men in caves, along with one moderate regional power are in fact a greater threat to the United States then were the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the secessionist Confederacy, and even the Redcoats from our founding days. Mostly the work is easy, however I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to explain that Reagan the Infallible in fact saw that these Islamofascists were a greater threat than the Evil Empire even when he was supporting them in Afghanistan.

Fred Thompson takes a hard line on immigration, including increased border security (also known as the Full Employment for Fence Companies Act), sanctions against employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens (aka the Rotting Vegetables Recycling Act, coupled with the Change Your Own Sheets at the Marriott Act), and making English the official language of the United States and English proficiency a requirement for citizenship because that’s one sure way to stop non-English speakers from crossing the border. (Of course, if English proficiency was applied retroactively, we could deport 99% of the trolls that inhabit the comment fields at The Free Republic.) Sen. Thompson’s approach seems to be somewhere between the amnesty favored by the president and Sen. John McCain and the get-the-boxcars plan put forth by Tom Tancredo, who’s gotten to the point that he’s calling the cops on witnesses at a Congressional hearing.

And the GOP seriously wonders why they can’t get much traction with minority voters.

Stay tuned: next week they’ll launch a full-frontal assault on bicycle riders.