Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Election Results

A quick wrap-up of off-year elections:

– Haley Barbour (R) was re-elected in Mississippi. He’s credited with the state’s quick recovery from Hurricane Katrina by cashing in his chips as a the former head of the RNC with the Bush administration…and quickly reopening the gambling casinos in the state.

– In Kentucky, Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) lost his bid for re-election to Steve Beshear, so I guess it’s okay for Teh Queerz to move to the Bluegrass State.

Virginia’s state Senate has changed hands to the Democrats, which the keepers of the Sacred Scrolls indicate is a sign of the state’s demographic switch to the Democrats, and they predict that former Gov. Mark Warner (D) will win the open U.S. Senate seat next year.

– And in Ohio’s 5th Congressional District, there’s a close battle between two Republicans for the nomination to run in the special election in December to replace the late Paul Gillmor. It’s been a nasty election for the GOP with court challenges and accusations of illegal fund raising being thrown back and forth between Bob Latta and Steve Buehrar. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Robin Weirauch, who has tried twice before to win the seat, easily won the Democratic primary. Although the district is large and notably conservative, perhaps the distaste and disgust of the primary battle will make the third time the charm for the Democrats.

(HT to Chris Cilliza.)