Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Blogaround

Instead of going shopping today, stick around and read what the Liberal Coalition has been writing about this week.

A Blog Around The Clock with an appropriate quote for the day.
archy reports on finding the home of Romulus and Remus.
Bark Bark Woof Woof on music for all ages.
Bloggg: Moi has a computer meltdown.
Collective Sigh sends best wishes to the Windsors.
Dohiyi Mir with another phony soldier.
Echidne Of The Snakes gives thanks for the visual arts.
Grateful Dread Radio: transgendered day of remembrance.
Iddybud Journal: what is “success” in Iraq?
Left Is Right: what’s the dollar worth?
Lefty Side of the Dial: Lefty shows off the latest in earwear.
Liberty Street on how to save money.
Make me a Commentator!!! on lazy soldiers.
Musing’s musings: what the bishops said.
Pen-Elayne on the Web catches up with… well, just about everything.
Rook’s Rant: Rook gives a quick thanks and heads for home.
rubber hose: what do you call it when you hear that someone you already thought was dead has died?
Scrutiny Hooligans: Buy Nothing.
SoonerThought on what Scott McClellan knew and when.
Steve Bates has a book to recommend.
T. Rex’s Guide to Life has some good choices for weekly awards.
The Invisible Library on what is wrong with helping people.
WTF Is It Now?? and the famous WKRP turkey drop.

If you get it, have a nice long weekend.