Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh, Jonah, Jonah…

Why is it that Jonah Goldberg can’t even get his facts straight?

First the Clinton campaign whines that the other candidates were picking on the girl. Then, standing up to Russert is like standing up to Hitler. Then Bill Clinton compared Russert to the Swift Boat Vets. Now the Clinton campaign is warning Wolf Blizter that he better not “pull a Russert.”

Well, first, Senator Clinton didn’t whine “that the other candidates were picking on the girl.” She actually enjoyed it. Bill Clinton didn’t actually compare Russert to the Swift Boat vets, and now Jonah is breathlessly quoting Drudge having the Clinton campaign “warning” CNN’s anchor to actually focus on — gasp! — the issues instead of the personalities in the upcoming debate in Las Vegas. How dare they suggest that!

Again, can someone please explain to me, how asking the junior Senator from New York state whether she agrees with the governor of the state (and a close political ally) on the question of drivers licenses for illegals is even remotely wrong, never mind some sort of vicious, Nazi-like, personal assault on truth, decency, and Hillary Clinton’s integrity? I really, really, don’t get it.

Can someone please explain to me why Jonah Goldberg always seems to come across like the last kid who gets picked for the basketball team?