Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cracked Kristol

According to the Huffington Post, Billy Kristol will become a New York Times op-ed columnist in 2008. That’s great; I really loved him in City Slickers, and he should be a good source of insight into the film and stand-up comic life in New York.

Oh, wait. Wrong Billy Kristol. This is the warmongering neocon who never saw a country we couldn’t liberate with graft, corruption, corporate greed, and the 82nd Airborne, and who does weekend duty as the Serious Analyst for Fox News Sunday.

I’m guessing that the Times editorial board decided that David Brooks and Thomas Friedman weren’t holding their own against the onslaught of Paul Krugman and Bob Herbert, and probably as a sop to the whiny righties who proclaim that the Grey Lady hasn’t been truly objective about the Bush administration since they fired Judith Miller.