Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Off the Scale

Mike Huckabee’s campaign spokesman says that homosexuality and necrophilia are both “aberrant behavior” but not on the same scale.

In an interview with TPM Election Central, Joe Carter, Huckabee’s director of research, argued that while Huckabee does think both fall in the category of “aberrant behavior,” he’s not arguing that they’re the same and sees them as being at “opposite ends of the spectrum” of such behavior.

As first reported yesterday by David Corn at Mother Jones, Huckabee said the following in a 1998 book he co-wrote called Kids Who Kill:

It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and institutionally supported aberrations—from homosexuality and pedophilia to sadomasochism and necrophilia.

When we asked Carter if Huckabee stood by this quote, he didn’t disavow the comment. But he sought to clarify its meaning, denying our suggestion that the quote equated homosexuality and necrophilia.

“He’s not equating homosexuality with necrophilia,” Carter told us. “He’s saying there’s a range of aberrant behavior. He considers homosexuality aberrant, but that’s at one end of the spectrum. Necrophilia is at the other end.”

Carter added: “No way is he saying that homosexuality is like having sex with dead people. That’s not it at all.”

Hey, if you’re going to be aberrant in the eyes of Mike Huckabee, what the hell’s the point of having a scale? Jeff Fecke’s graphic notwithstanding, In for a penny, in for a pound, I say. Meanwhile, I’m going off to renew my membership in…