Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quiet Day

If you have to go back to work today, my guess is that it will be a quiet day…unless you work in retail, where predictions are that it will be a fairly busy time with returns (when you say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” and you really mean it) or exchanges (“Sorry, I’m not sure mauve is on my color wheel”) or getting all those things you didn’t get for Christmas or cashing in the gift cards. If you’re in Canada, Great Britain, or certain parts of the Commonwealth, it’s Boxing Day, so, uh, happy boxing.

I can report that I spent a lovely Christmas dinner with friends and had good times trying new things, including an aptly-named English cheese called “The Stinking Bishop.” One whiff and you know why it was called that, but it actually tasted very good. Bob made a magnificent standing rib roast and mashed potatoes, and some of the other guests, who were Jewish and were participating in their first Christmas dinner, brought green beans and a sweet kugel, which must now be considered as an integral part of any Christmas dinner. I brought a homemade cheesecake that had been made by a friend of mine and a bottle of excellent Spanish wine.

We shared gifts, stories, jokes, bad puns, and family traditions. It was a real Christmas dinner and a quiet celebration of the things that bring friends and families together. Mr. Dickens would have been proud.

This will be a quiet day here. I’m baking the biscuits from the mix my sister sent me (yum!) served with bacon that came with it, and then I’ll be tidying up and doing some work on Small Town Boys. Oh, and writing thank-you notes. Mom taught me well.