Monday, December 10, 2007

Rudy’s Laugh

Update below.

Senator Clinton uses her laugh to deflect the impression that she’s hard, calculating, and controlling, and it’s caused a lot of commentary…probably as much as her wardrobe (see below). It seems to work for her, especially when she gets provocative or stupidly confrontational questions. So Rudy Giuliani figured he’d give it a shot yesterday on Meet the Press.

RUSSERT: Why would you do business with someone who helped Khalid Sheikh Muhammad?

GIULIANI: (Laughter) […]

RUSSERT: People are calling into question your judgment, they also cite that your law firm did work for Hugo Chavez, the head of Venezuela.

GIULIANI: (Laughter)

RUSSERT: They’ve now quit that, but they did represent Citgo, which is run by Hugo Chavez.

GIULIANI: (Struggling to speak through enthusiastic laughter) Tim, that’s a stretch.

RUSSERT: It’s not. One more and then I’m going to give you a chance on this. One more, a Las Vegas developer that you worked with who had a close relationship with a Hong Kong billionaire who was close with Kim Jung Il.

GIULIANI: (Laughter)

For Hillary Clinton, it seemed to work…at least it baffled Chris Wallace on Fox. But watching Rudy Giuliani bursts into gales of laughter, I was eerily reminded of those old local TV shows with hosts like Sir Graves Ghastly who dressed up like Dracula to show horror movies to the kiddies on Saturday afternoons.

Update: Here, judge for yourself: