Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Source of All This

According to PSoTD, today is Show Your Blog Space Day. So here, without further ado, is where I write the majority of this blog.

And no, I didn’t tidy up much before I took the picture. I’m normally a pretty neat person (although my desk at the office often looks like the bottom of a birdcage). The tangle of cords underneath is because my computer is a laptop rigged up with a 19″ flat panel monitor, keyboard, and mouse. (Yes, I am a left-handed mouser. I’m naturally right-handed, but I learned to mouse with my left so I could work the ten-key pad with my right and I’ve never switched back.) The bookshelves hold mementos from childhood, summer camp, and my career in theatre, along with reference books and the always-handy Warriner’s English Grammar and Compostion. The glassed-fronted cupboard holds precious memories like my high school letter, sailing trophies I won with my dad, license plates from my years in New Mexico, and the little notebook that was my diary I kept on a six-week NOLS course in 1974 that inspired my first play.

Because of the room layout, I have my back to the window, which means I don’t get to spend a lot of time staring out it and can concentrate on writing. But if I turn around, I see this:

Well, not really…