Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What the Huck?

Mike Huckabee hadn’t heard about the NIE report saying Iran hasn’t been working on a nuclear weapon since 2003; in fact, he still is “hearing reports” that they are accelerating it.

I don’t know where the intelligence is coming from that says they have suspended the program or how credible that is versus the view that they actually are expanding it. … And I’ve heard, the last two weeks, supposed reports that they are accelerating it and it could be having a reactor in a much shorter period of time than originally been thought.

The intelligence is coming from the White House that they’re doing no such thing, and it was big enough news that it prompted a presidential news conference and a furrowed brow from Wolf Blitzer.

I’m hoping that someone will hand Mr. Huckabee a newspaper at some point in the campaign.