Monday, December 3, 2007

Yeah, That’s the Ticket

David Broder suggests the Republicans nominate John McCain for president and Mike Huckabee as his running mate because they’re not as mean the other ones in the race.

From what I’ve heard on the campaign trail, it’s obvious that they are the pair who have earned the widest respect among the eight Republican candidates themselves. McCain is the eldest and the most honored, not only for what he endured as a Vietnam prisoner of war but as a principled battler for what he considers essential on Iraq and other national security issues.

Huckabee, who previously was known only to those of us who cover state government and governors, has been the surprise discovery of the campaign season. His combination of religious principle, good humor, tolerance and his clear passion on education and health care complements McCain’s muscular foreign policy and aversion to wasteful domestic spending.

The two of them seem often to be operating on a different — and higher — plane than the quarrelsome Giuliani and Romney, whose mutual contempt is as palpable as it is persuasive.

Would someone please let Mr. Broder know that we’re having an election for president, not Miss Congeniality, and the fact that both McCain and Huckabee are running behind in the national polls is because the Republicans don’t do “nice” any more.