Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Debate

I caught bits and pieces of the Democratic debate last night on CNN; enough to see that it was starting off as he said-she said between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to the point that John Edwards had to pipe up and remind them that there was a third person in the debate.

I tuned out after about forty minutes of it. If you want a blow-by-blow, Josh Marshall has that here, followed by a conclusion that I agree with: if this debate proved anything, it is that Hillary Clinton is going to be the one who can stand up to the inevitable onslaught that the Republicans will bring to her. And as much as I am impressed with his ideas, Senator Obama does not seem like the kind of campaigner who will be able to withstand the attack.

That provides us with a bit of a dilemma: go with a candidate that you admire for ideas and the message of hope and in doing so hope that he can withstand the battle, or go with a candidate who also speaks to your mind — mostly — but will be able to fight back. All the talk about hope and change and so forth doesn’t mean a lot if you lose the election.