Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mitt Goes Dark in Florida

Mitt Romney has pulled the plug on his ads here in Florida.

Mitt Romney’s back is clearly against the wall after his losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he’s become more choosy about where he’s spending his money. The campaign is now pulling their ads in South Carolina and Florida.

Instead, Romney will be focusing all those resources on next week’s primary in Michigan, the state where Romney was born and raised, and where his late father was governor. “We feel the best strategy is to focus our paid messaging in Michigan,” Romney spokesman Kevin Madden told the Associated Press.

Actually, I haven’t seen any ads for presidential candidates on TV here in Florida, although I did catch the tail-end of a radio ad for Ron Paul on the “Randi Rhodes Show.”

It’s almost like we’re not having a primary here in Florida on January 29.