Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Joy In Wingnutville

John McCain won the Florida primary, and that does not make the righties happy.

Assuming there is no shocking revelation or health issue, the GOP nomination is over. Conservatives need to start practicing the phrase “Nominee presumptive John McCa…..”

Sorry, I can’t say it. Not yet.

But it’s true. When the campaign comes here to Massachusetts on February 5th, I’ll proudly cast my vote for any option on the GOP ballot other than You-Know-Who. But it will be a futile gesture. Mr. “1/3rd Of The GOP Primary Vote” is going to be the nominee.

He’s going to win the big, left-leaning states on Tuesday. Huckabee will stay in and deny Romney a one-on-one contest for GOP voters that Captain Amnesty would almost certainly lose. The result: More wins for He Who Must Not Be Named, and fewer wins for Romney—regardless of delegate count.

Florida has launched the one ship that Romney’s money and Rush Limbaugh cannot stop: The U.S.S. Inevitable. It’s gonna happen. Even if there were a realistic pathway to stop him, the media have seized control of the process now and are declaring him inevitable. He is, after all, the favorite son of the New York Times.

So it is over. Finished. In November, we’ll be sending out our most liberal, least trustworthy candidate vs. to take on Hillary Clinton—perhaps not more liberal than Barack Obama, but certainly far less trustworthy.

And the worst part for the Right is that McCain will have won the nomination while ignoring, insulting and, as of this weekend, shamelessly lying about conservatives and conservatism.

Not that I’m a fan of Mr. McCain at all, but anything that drives the wingnuts even more around the bend is fun to watch.

Or, as a commenter on a forum that my brother frequents lamented,

The news is claiming that Mitt Rommey [sic] has lost Florida. Not good, McCain a very liberal Republican. Very soft on illegals and supports soft borders. Also may go along with same sex marriage. This opens up our children for more sexual assaults from other children and man boy associations. We now have over 150 gay and lesbian gangs in Baltimore and Washington area.

Over 150 gay and lesbian gangs? Wow; do you think they all get together to coordinate their accessories?