Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The New Hampshire Primary

I had a prior commitment tonight so I’m late to the party, but so far we only know that John McCain won the New Hampshire GOP primary. That’s going to make things interesting in the Romney campaign.

At the moment (10:19 PM EDT), Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama 39% to 36% with 63% of the votes counted. Not exactly the blowout that was predicted. The huge turnout may explain the closeness of the race, and the balmy weather in New Hampshire may have played a part in people getting out to vote. Ironic that perhaps global warming may play a role in the campaign.

This is the kind of race that I like to see. Rather than a study in foregone conclusions, this is both exciting and inspiring. People on both sides are turning out to participate in the process, and that’s good. It may also be an indication that the voters have, at long last, started to pay attention to what has happened to this country. I’m sure the exit polls are asking this question: “Why did you vote today?”, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of the people are going to say that they don’t like the way country and the world has been going, and they wanted to do something about it… while they still can.

As I write this at 10:32 PM EDT, NBC is calling the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton. The stormcrows of punditry who spent the last 48 hours pronouncing the end of the Clinton Era will be eating their share of crow. Heh.

More in the morning.