Monday, January 14, 2008

The Weakest of the Weak This Week

Michael Medved thinks Mitt Romney is the weakest of the GOP field.

This weekend, CNN released results of general election trial heats, pitting each of the four leading Republican candidates for President against both of the leading Democrats.

The unmistakable message from this national exercise (surveying 840 voters on January 9 and 10th) is that Mitt Romney unequivocally qualifies as the weakest candidate the G.O.P. could field.

In the head-to-head contest with Barack Obama he is utterly wiped out, losing by a margin of 22 points (59% to 37%). Against Hillary Clinton, Romney fares little better, falling 18 percentage points behind (58% to 40%).

You can almost hear the tremble in his voice as he sees the train wreck coming at him.

But as the New York Times/CBS poll indicates, it’s all very fluid; now Sen. John McCain is in the lead among the Republicans.

After the New Hampshire primary, we all know how reliable the polls are. You’d have better luck predicting the outcome if you got Dionne Warwick and her Psychic Partners to call the race.