Sunday, January 27, 2008

They Can’t Live Without You

To quote the immortal Bilbo Baggins, “packing is such a bother,” but it has to be done, and I’m almost done, ready to check out of the hotel and catch the Super Shuttle to La Guardia and then back to Miami and work tomorrow morning.

This week at the opening of Can’t Live Without You has been an amazing experience. Last night’s show was sold out and the audience was great. The fact that it included old friends from home and family (my brother, his wife, and my nephew) made it even more interesting because they would not hold back their honest reactions to the play. So far so good.

Saying goodbye to the cast after the show last night was tough; they fulfilled my wildest expectations, every night bringing new things to the performances and the characters, adding layers that I never thought of and finding truths and moments that I never saw. I will miss them, but I’m also delighted that there will be three more performances that will give them room for more growth. I’m sorry I won’t get to see them, but reality and work must prevail.

Thank you to Will Poston, Tom Pilutik, Mary Fassino, Gary Mahmoud, director Adam J. Natale, Manhattan Rep artistic director Ken Wolf, and especially Rachel Charlop-Powers for making my dream your reality and giving life and dimension to Bobby, Donny, Barbara, Nick, and Anna. They truly can’t live without you.