Friday, January 18, 2008

What Does It Tell You

Is it just a karmic coincidence that both William Kristol and David Brooks made glaring errors in citing the names of people in their columns in the space of three weeks?

First Mr. Kristol confuses Michelle Malkin with Michael Medved. Then Mr. Brooks confuses Ward Churchill with Ward Connerly.

Hey, we all make mistakes, and I have my fair share of gaffes, too, which people are happy to point out — and I am happy to correct along with a dose of mea culpa. But then again, I’m not a paid op-ed columnist for the New York Times, either. I’m a guy who writes a blog, usually very early in the morning (and without my contacts in), and I’m able to do a little fact-checking or Googling before I hit “Publish Post” most of the time. (I also have a reliable proof-reader who lets me know when I make a tyop.) Presumably the New York Times can do that as well, even if they let Maureen Dowd confuse Jerusalem — the one in Israel — with Derry, New Hampshire.

Just sayin’…