Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Happened in Vegas…

Yeah, I know; I’m not the first blogger to use that tag line. Sue me.

I watched the first hour of the Democratic forum last night from Las Vegas. The first half-hour was spent with Tim Russert and Brian Williams poking each candidate with questions about recent non-events and squabbles such as the back-and-forth between the Obama and Clinton camps about race and Dr. Martin Luther King. This was clearly designed to elicit a headline or two from the first few minutes so that people who were live-blogging the event could generate some viewership. But the candidates all handled it well; none of them rose to the bait, and once it became clear that it was Mr. Russert that was making a bit of a fool of himself rather than the candidates, they subsided to a tolerable level.

The balance of what I watched was a study in polite and civil discourse, which probably pissed off the people at NBC who were hoping for a Vegas-style prize fight. But it was not to be. Noting that yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King’s actual birth-date and his pleas for botherhood and in the spirit of another King — Rodney — they all just got along.