Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bad Larry

The Senate Ethics panel gave Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) a potch for soliciting sex in a mens room in the Minneapolis Airport.

Craig was “publicly admonished” in a letter that closed the case without any formal punishment or a public inquiry into the allegations. Despite calls from fellow Republicans for his resignation, Craig has said he will serve out the remainder of his term and retire next January.

Craig said last night, “I am disappointed and strongly disagree with the conclusions” of the committee, adding that he “will continue to serve the people of Idaho.”

As well as service the men he meets in the biffy.

Craig was arrested June 11 while on his way to Washington after, the undercover officer said, he entered a restroom stall and gave several signals that indicated a desire to have sex. Those included tapping his feet and running his hand under the stall partition.

After his arrest, Craig showed his business card to the undercover officer and asked, “What do you think about that?” The ethics committee reprimanded Craig for that, finding that he was trying to use his “position and status as a United States senator to receive special and favorable treatment.”

Apparently there’s a special rate for members of the United States Senate from rent boys, but flashing your business card is gauche.

Actually, the Senate panel seems most peeved at Mr. Craig for engaging in actions “which [have] reflected discreditably on the Senate.” Yeah, I think the ship has sailed on that one. And it’s all about them, anyway. They really don’t seem to care if Mr. Craig hooks up with men in public restrooms or wherever — which, I suppose, in the scheme of things, isn’t really their business anyway — but to be more worried about discrediting the Senate by his first pleading guilty, then trying to withdraw it. Wow, a public official trying to have it both ways (pun intended). What a shock.

Of course, Sen. Craig is still fighting the whole thing because, as he so adamantly claimed in August and as he has continued to say all along, he’s not gay.