Friday, February 8, 2008

Fund Raising

At 6:58 p.m. last night, just as an episode of Law & Order was wrapping up, the phone rang. It’s the Obama campaign. A very charming lady tried to wheedle money out of me. I demurred; I don’t contribute over the phone. She suggested that she could send me a pledge card and how much could she put me down for? I said I’ll make up my mind when I see it. She said she’ll pencil in $45. Me, distracted by the opening shots of the next episode of Law & Order, replied with “Fine, whatever,” and politely ended the call. When the pledge card arrives I will probably look it over and think about it.

I’m very sure that the Obama campaign is counting that $45 when they claim they’ve raised $7.5 million this month.

By the way, the nice lady asked me for my e-mail address. No way; I’m still getting spam from the John Kerry campaign.