Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shorter David Brooks

How to be a concern troll in one easy column.

I’m not a Hillary-hater, so I feel perfectly justified in passing on yet another story about how evil she is because I’m really not a Hillary-hater.

When you start off a column by saying “I’m not a Hillary-hater,” it’s a pretty good indication that what’s to follow will be a discourse in proving you’re exactly what you say you’re not. Just like those “straight” guys who show up on Manhunt.net who say they’re not really gay. Yeah, right.

I’m not wild about Senator Clinton myself, but this kind of misogynistic crap (would Mr. Brooks have been so aghast had it been a story about bad blood between John McCain and Mitt Romney?) being passed on under the charade of being a life lesson on campaigning and persuasion is just a little too cute.