Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome Back, Rick

You may remember the story from a couple of months ago where an anonymous blogger here in Miami was forced to shut down his blog after being threatened with being “outed” by a commenter.

Well, you can’t keep a good blogger down for long, and Rick, the keeper of the late “Stuck on the Palmetto”, has re-emerged with the South Florida Daily Blog, which he bills as “a daily review and discussion of South Florida blogs.”

Rick also took a little time to address the issue of anonymity in the blogosphere.

Every blogger who is writing out there is anonymous to some degree. Maybe they haven’t told you about their criminal record. Perhaps you’re not aware of their home address or cell phone number? Maybe they haven’t discussed how much money they make at their regular jobs or that they like to partake in an illegal substance every now and then. The fact is that no one knows everything about everyone. But is that really important?


So, no, for the purpose of this blog it isn’t important that I compartmentalize that part of who I am. Nor is it that unusual. It’s only important to the degree that it’s how I wanted things to be and how I desire things to remain. For those who still have a problem with that, and unbelievably, there are, let me suggest that before you complain you do a couple things starting with posting your home address and telephone number. If you have any cell phones, drop those numbers on us, too. Share with us your spouse’s name and their email address. Have children? Give us their names and where they attend school. Or let us know what kind of car you drive and where you usually park it at night.

Because I’m thinking that if you feel like you are entitled to know everything about me, you shouldn’t have any problem sharing the full details of your life with the rest of the world either.


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Good to have you back, Rick.