Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was finally able to get a doctor’s appointment today to check my foot. The appointment was at 3:30, so I left the office at 2:30. I was taken to the exam room at 4:41. Then there was about a forty-five minute delay while the office verified that I had a claim number and of course by the time they called the office was closed. They finally got through but the claims adjuster had already gone for the day. So the doctor said the hell with it and he examined me, saying he’d get the office manager to clear it up in the morning. (This led to a discussion about universal health care; the doctor and I both agree anything would be an improvement.)

Anyway, the doctor wants me to get an x-ray and to use crutches until they know what’s going on in there.

Using crutches is nothing new; I used them for 12 weeks back in 1989 when I broke my ankle. It will take a little sense-memory recall to get back into the swing of it, so to speak, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Ironically, the last time I used crutches I was driving the Pontiac, and the new ones fit right between the front seats where the old ones did.

On the good news side, Allstate, the insurer of the guy who caused the accident, has accepted liability and I’ll be getting something for the total loss of the Mustang. At least that part of the ordeal is over.

Onward… however awkwardly.