Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In Spirit

First, the good news. I’m okay and the airbags worked.

I was driving home after running an errand when an elderly gentleman in a 2007 Infiniti made a left turn directly in front of me at an intersection. There was no time to stop and I t-boned him. Fortunately it happened in the middle of downtown Coral Gables and within five minutes there were three police cruisers and fire rescue on the scene. The other driver is okay — he cut his head but refused treatment — and will be cited for failure to yield. Triple A took care of the towing, the insurance company will take care of the storage until the adjuster can write it up, and at some point I get to shop for a new Mustang convertible.

So for the time being, I’ll be driving my reliable 1988 Pontiac station wagon, and even if it’s a while before I can get the new car, I’ll still be Mustang Bobby in spirit.

So long, pal. It’s been fun.