Monday, March 24, 2008

Jonah Goldberg: Dramaturg

Jonah Goldberg tries to exploit David Mamet’s reconsideration of his liberal values for the right wing’s gain.

David Mamet, considered by some to be the greatest living playwright, has proclaimed for all to hear — but few to listen — that he is no longer ”a brain-dead liberal.”

Okay, he lost me right there. I’ve been in the theatre business longer than Jonah Goldberg has been in the punditry gig, and I’ve read just about every play David Mamet has written — and sat through some really ass-numbing productions of his plays — and no one I know both in and out of the business considers him to be “the greatest living playwright.”

And frankly, I don’t care if David Mamet — or any playwright, for that matter — is a liberal, conservative, or whirling dervish. All I care about is that they create characters that I care about and who explore the human condition and our connections with our selves and each other. All of the rest is just crap.