Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Modern Technology

The e-mail system at my office is on the fritz, so I told one of my colleagues about it when she arrived:

ME: The e-mail system is off-line.

SHE: Oh, really, how do you know?

ME: I got an e-mail about it.

SHE: Oh, okay. [Beat.] Wait…

That reminds me of the time I was working for a small-town radio station one summer. We got a thunderstorm that knocked out the power to the station. When the lights went out and the music stopped, the DJ, who was hired for his voice but not his brains, burst out of the studio. “We’re off the air! What’ll I do?” The station manager, without missing a beat, replied, “Get back in there and announce it!” The DJ was halfway back into the studio before the light came on.

Okay, Bob, that’s your cue…