Monday, March 3, 2008

“Soft” Press?

Howard Kurtz says that the “soft” press on Sen. Obama is starting to change. He devotes an entire column to how the mainstream is starting to examine the senator’s voting records, including his relationship with a pastor who was an admirer of Louis Farrakhan.

After Russert raised the issue of Obama’s pastor at the debate, CNN did a piece on the senator’s relationship with Wright, an admirer of Farrakhan. (Obama says they disagree on some issues.) The Washington Post, followed by the Times, ran a story on Obama trying to reassure Jewish leaders about his commitment to Israel, a controversy that had been brewing for months.

What he is saying is that the networks and CNN are passing along the rumors and lies that have been bouncing around the Orcosphere for the last year or so; the flag pin, the Muslim school in Indonesia, and passing it off as “investigative” journalism.

Apparently Mr. Kurtz didn’t have room for an investigation into Sen. McCain’s connection with John Hagee. Maybe he’s saving that for another column…?