Friday, April 18, 2008

Defending the Debate

George Stephanopolous defends his debate questions to Greg Sargent at TPM Election Central.

Stephanopoulos strongly defended his handling of the debate. He dismissed criticism that it had focused too heavily on “gotcha” questions, arguing that they had gone to the heart of the “electability” that, he said, is forefront in the minds of voters evaluating the two Dems.

“Overall, the questions were tough, fair, relevant, and appropriate,” Stephanopoulos argued. And he rejected the claim by many Obama supporters that the debate had been stacked against him, saying Hillary had faced sharp questioning, too.

Ah, yes, until you find out that Nash McCabe, the woman that asked the question about the lapel pin, had been tracked down by ABC News after she had made a similar comment that was quoted in the New York Times and someone at ABC News thought it would be a good idea to tape Ms. McCabe asking the question.

As Josh Marshall notes, it’s one thing to have a person who is undecided about the race ask a question, but when you get one from someone who’s already made up their mind, what’s the point of asking it unless you’re doing it to set the person up? Why, it’s almost as phony as having Sean Hannity dictate a question to George Stephanopolous about some hippie from the 1960’s.