Monday, April 21, 2008

God’s On First?

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Little League Baseball Inc. is suing a Pompano Beach man in Fort Lauderdale federal court for trademark violation over the name of his youth baseball group, Christian Little League.

The weight of the law is on the side of Little League, experts agreed. But Jay Kaplan, a 46-year-old father who started the league in January, insists he answers to a higher authority.

“GOD is the ultimate judge and has the final say,” he wrote in a March 15 letter to Little League’s lawyers.

Before filing suit Thursday, the organization’s lawyers contacted Kaplan in a March 7 letter demanding that he stop using the Little League tag. The similar names could mislead and confuse the public by suggesting an affiliation between the groups, the lawyers wrote.

Kaplan responded with a four-page letter declaring only God could judge the dispute. He said no one would confuse his Coral Springs group with a secular organization and argued the phrase “little league” had entered the common vernacular.

“Christian Little League was GOD’s idea and it is a great and wonderful idea,” wrote Kaplan, who grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity. “I have no plans on changing the name GOD gave me.”

Apparently God does not have a problem with trademarks since people have been appropriating his name for their own selfish and deranged use for centuries with no divine retaliation.