Thursday, April 10, 2008

Handicap Abuse

The Miami Herald reports that workers at Miami International Airport are abusing the handicapped parking space permits.

Hundreds of apparently able-bodied airport workers routinely use handicap permits to take prime parking spots at Miami International Airport, bilking the county out of an estimated $1 million last year and inconveniencing the truly disabled, according to the inspector general.

Investigators spotted a uniformed federal officer parking his Mercedes in a disabled spot and strolling through the garage, though his permit says he cannot walk without assistance. They caught baggage handlers carrying bulky bags through the garage and into the terminal, despite permits that say they cannot walk more than 200 feet. They saw one worker with a disabled permit washing her car in the garage, another repeatedly working under the hood.

It’s hard to suppress the urge to go out there and give these idiots a legitimate reason to need a handicapped permit.