Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No Surprise

This video clip, a compilation of assaults on Sen. Hillary Clinton by various and sundry media figures and commentators is sad, infuriating, and infantile. It is not, however, a surprise.

If I may indulge in an “I told you so,” I have said since the first moment it was whispered that she would run that the campaign against her would be based not on her positions, policies, or experience, but on the fact that she’s not just a woman, but she’s that woman; the former First Lady to a president who launched more direct-mail hate campaigns since the introduction of New Coke. It has never been about her abilities or whether or not she can handle the job; none of the comments in the clip address the realities of assuming the office. They are all attacks on the irrelevancies of what other people are saying on her behalf, or alluding to the fact that had it not been for her husband’s bad behavior, she would never have gotten to where she is today. (That’s a curious tangent on the old canard of “sleeping their way to the top;” she got there by having someone else do it.) Taking the right-wing nutsery hysterics as a given, the attacks on her from the so-called liberal media have resembled little more than a collection of clips from the newest chapters of the He-Man Women-Hater’s Club. And none of it has anything at all to do with what happens after January 20, 2009.

This isn’t a plea for support for Sen. Clinton, nor is it a reason to vote against her. It’s just a reminder that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, this kind of crap will go on and on. Don’t be surprised; be ready for it.