Monday, April 21, 2008

The Recovery of Robert Downey, Jr.

There’s an interesting profile of Robert Downey, Jr., who is making a comeback in a new film and, after years of drug abuse, failed rehab, jail time, and all sorts of other life-altering experiences, is seeing his life in a new perspective.

Ambition of a very present-tense, urgent sort is part of what keeps Mr. Downey on the road away from trouble, as opposed to heading back toward it. The three bags of black tea in his mug are about as strong and wacky as it gets these days, but there will be trials.

“I don’t think I will never go that fast again, but that is based on my behavior moment to moment, whether I’m able to maintain this nice groove I’m on or whether it will all go away in a second for something that I could justify or rationalize that was none of my own doing. But that isn’t real. This,” he said, gesturing around the nice house with the nice family supported by an increasingly nice career, “is real.”

Good luck.