Friday, May 16, 2008


Following up on this post from April, the Miami Herald reports an arrest in the case of the handicap parking permit scandal at Miami International Airport.

A baggage screener at Miami International Airport was arrested Thursday on charges he lied to get a disabled-parking permit, which he used 139 times for a total of $2,300 in free parking.

Bernard Forbes, 25, was caught on tape parking in handicapped spots at the passenger terminal, using the permit to waive parking fees and even working under the hood of his car while it was parked.

The video also showed him walking to and from the garage with no apparent hardship.

”It is sad to see someone trying to use a fake handicap as a cloak to hide such actions,” said State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle in a news release.

Forbes, who has worked for the Transportation Security Administration since 2002, was in custody Thursday afternoon.

Good. Throw the book at him.