Thursday, May 22, 2008

Call Waiting

From the Miami Herald:

Now it’s not just Cuba’s Raúl Castro who will allow cellular phones: George W. Bush will, too.

In recognition of Cuban Solidarity Day, President Bush announced Wednesday that he would tinker with existing regulations to permit Cuban-Americans to send cellular phones to their relatives in Cuba, now that Castro has lifted the ban that prevented Cubans from owning them.

”Now that the Cuban people can be trusted with mobile phones, they should also be trusted to speak freely in public,” Bush said. ”If Raúl is serious about his so-called reforms, he will allow these phones to reach the Cuban people.”

Nice little pander there; it’s okay to send your abuelita a cell phone, but the restrictions against visiting grandma are still in place. But as long as President Bush can come up with something symbolic that doesn’t really do much other than suck up to an interest group, he’ll go for it.