Thursday, May 22, 2008


Other than the blogs and the political junkie shows on cable TV, there doesn’t seem to be much mainstream press response to the news that John Hagee, the endorser of John McCain, says that the Holocaust was God’s relocation plan for the Jews.

On The Verdict last night, Dan Abrams ran with the story.

Reed Dickens, a former Bush administration assistant press secretary, tried to explain why this was no big deal. He hauled out the usual equivalency argument, dragging in Jeremiah Wright, but the difference, as was pointed out by Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff, is that while Barack Obama may have known Rev. Wright for twenty years, he didn’t actively solicit his endorsement, and when the preacher’s comments got out of line, Mr. Obama dropped him like third period French. Mr. McCain’s campaign is, so far, still clinging to Mr. Hagee.

Mr. Dickens then came up with the excuse that John McCain doesn’t know his way around the evangelical community, and in sucking up to John Hagee, he picked a loser. There are a lot more prominent right-wing religious fanatics to choose from, he said, and Senator McCain went with a minor leaguer. So the Republican candidate doesn’t even know how to pick his own wingnut? What does that tell you about his judgment? What happens if the phone rings at 3 a.m. and there’s a gay pride parade in Toledo? Who will John McCain call to go on the attack? (Well, it could be worse; he could have sought out the endorsement of Fred Phelps.)

I’ll be happy to report when the SCLM picks up the story, but so far all we’re getting are the sweet sound of the crickets.