Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scenes from the Inge Festival

I finally downloaded the pictures I took last week at the 27th annual William Inge Theatre Festival. I took pictures of people, mostly; friends whom I’ve made over the years and new ones I’ve made recently.

One of the things we do a lot of at Inge is have theatre workshops for local high school kids. This is their chance to get some advice and encouragement from people in the business.

Michele Pawk works with a rising star.

Two “princes” work on their song from “Into the Woods.”

Three playwrights conducted master classes for aspiring writers.

John Augustine finds the definition of “exposition.”

Christopher Durang shares some pages from his new play.

Adam Bock reveals the secret of his success: write what you want to see on the stage.


Elizabeth Wilson and Barbara Dana

Michele Pawk, Jim Price, and Walter Willison

Peter Ellenstein (artistic director for the festival), Jean Inge, and Ralph Voss (Inge biographer)

Tony Arkin and Barbara Dana (Tony’s mom).

Christopher Durang and some unknown writer.

The man we were there to remember:

William Inge