Saturday, May 31, 2008

Short Takes

I’m busy with making moving preparations, but here are some interesting things I came across this morning to read while I’m out looking for a new house.

– Speaking of paying the mortgage

Newly delinquent mortgage borrowers outnumbered people who caught up on their overdue payments by two to one last month, a sign that nationwide efforts to help homeowners avoid default may be failing.

Hard Line Lunacy on Cuba: Eugene Robinson evaluates the US stand on “that imprisoned island.”

For nearly five decades, the United States has pursued a policy toward Cuba that could be described as incredibly stupid.

John McCain vs. YouTube:

The video lasts just more than three minutes. But that’s long enough to raise some nasty doubts about John McCain’s reputation as a straight talker.

“This is another example of the generation gap that the Republicans are facing. And that gap is morphing into a chasm,” said Frank Luntz, a veteran GOP pollster. Yes, many of the young video viewers are already committed to Obama, but watching and even making the short films has turned the merely amused into the deeply committed.

– The party is over for the Detroit Pistons.

It all fell apart Friday night. Everything. The game. The series. The Pistons’ championship hopes. Maybe even these Pistons as we knew them.

The maintenance crew hoped to sweep confetti off the Palace floor at the end; instead, all that was left were little pieces of the Pistons’ swagger.

– The Tigers beat Seattle in Seattle.