Monday, May 19, 2008


It’s ironic that I’m here in California — for a few more hours at least — and in a part of the state that is famous for wildfires, and yet the fires in the news are back home in South Florida.

Record-high temperatures and a spreading Everglades wildfire will continue to make the next few days hot, smoky and uncomfortable.

Temperatures reached 95 degrees in Miami on Sunday. It was 96 in Fort Lauderdale, breaking a record for the day set in 1985 and making this the second weekend in a row in which South Florida broke a heat record.

Forecasters say it’ll be hot every day until midweek at the earliest.

And unless you live right on the ocean, don’t expect relief from any sea breezes: they’re pinned to the coast by the same southwest winds that are blowing the wildfire’s smoke over the Miami metro area.

Well, at least we don’t get earthquakes in Miami.