Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Quiet Little Get-Together

Apparently John McCain had a private meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans. Via Pam:

Is this what we call — ahem — back-door diplomacy? There’s no mention of the meeting on the Log Cabin web site or its blog. Wouldn’t this be news his campaign wants to break as part of his outreach to the LGBT community?

Besides, it’s not like McCain’s going to get Dobson’s vote this time around — if it’s truly a big GOP tent in 2008, this should be nice news to promote in the MSM. I’m looking forward to reading the McCain press release on this glorious event, particularly given the news today about Arizona’s Senate rejecting a marriage amendment proposal he supported.

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold out much hope that Mr. McCain will show up at a gay pride parade anytime soon.