Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving – Day 2

This is it; almost everything is in boxes or ready to be loaded on the truck. AT&T has already shut off the dial tone on the land-line, but the DSL is still working for the moment. I’ve made arrangements to meet the my new landlord’s realtor at the house to do the walk-through and pick up the keys at noon, and Comcast has promised to show up between 2 and 5. Then I’ll spend the next couple of days unpacking.

So this is it from the old place; a nice little house in a nice neighborhood, and a house that didn’t deserve the humiliation of foreclosure at the hands of a thoughtless and amoral owner. I hope the next people that occupy this house find as much pleasure and quiet enjoyment in it as I did.

The old place

I’ll next report in from the new place. See you then.