Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stop the Outrage

FOX News commentators refer to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama.”

Wow, that’s pretty amazing even for FOX.

A lot of people are outraged by this and the other subtle and not-so-subtle racist attacks at the Obamas (if you’d like a detailed list, check out Shakesville’s comprehensive collection), but it’s only June and these are just the preliminaries. It’s only going to get worse…or better.

Better? Yes, better. These incidents and the inevitable and increasingly preposterous successors to this provide us with a rich vein of material for mockery, and that’s a very precious commodity in this silliness we’re engaged in to choose the most powerful person in the world. Outrage, on the other hand, runs out quickly because once you hit it, what’s left? Uber-rage? Madness? What are you going to do when someone at FOX finally hits the wall and says “Negro” or “colored” or even… Blow a gasket? Melt into a puddle? Besides, how many times can you express outrage before it gets boring? Okay, so you’re outraged. Big deal.

No, we have to laugh and mock them mercilessly. As I’ve noted before (here and here), nothing deflates a pompous ass faster than being laughed at. People like Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh actually like it when people get outraged at them; it feeds them. But when you laugh and call them clowns and make fun of their stupidities and dismiss them as the fools they are, it reduces them to blithering insignificance, and they’re the ones who get outraged: “How dare you not take me seriously!”

Trust me, there’s enough to get outraged about in this election: the war, the economy, the crumbling schools, the health care system, and there’s plenty more where that came from. So it’s not worth getting worked up — other than to generate a derisive guffaw — at the dingbats over at FOX or wherever they are.

So watch the clips and pass them along to friends and family. Make it a joyous occasion to watch these fools and spread the word that these are the people who want to rule the world. What a riot.