Thursday, July 24, 2008

Desperation Watch

The McCain campaign whips out a web ad linking Barack Obama to Fidel Castro.

A Democrat in south Florida alerted the Huffington Post to the image, which shows Obama and Castro, profiled side-by-side, above a quote from the Cuban leader praising the Illinois Democrat as “the most advanced candidate.”


But the quote is misleading in regards to the actual political dynamics in play. For starters, since Obama became the de facto nominee, Castro has been critical of his candidacy [also here], arguing that he has not called for serious alterations to U.S.-Cuban relations and would willingly allow the island nation to suffer from hunger. Obama, meanwhile, has criticized Castro as a repeated abuser of human rights and a tyrant whose time has passed.

The McCain campaign is counting on a knee-jerk frothing response from the Cuban community in South Florida, which they take for granted will happen. Actually, it’s an insult to the intelligence of the Cubans; the McCain campaign assumes that all they have to do is wave a picture of Fidel and Barack Obama together and they’ve won. Regardless of party affiliation, I can think of more than just a few Cubans who would think this ad is patronizing and presumptuous.

As Josh Marshall notes, “classier and classier.”