Monday, July 14, 2008

Find an Alternate Route

Larry Lebowitz explains what’s going on on I-95 in Miami:


My good friend, Mr. Thesaurus, provides plenty of options to describe the early days of South Florida’s experiment with variably priced toll lanes on Interstate 95.

The Florida Department of Transportation, with a big push from the Bush administration, is converting the loathed and under-enforced HOV lanes into loathed but comparatively more enforceable High Occupancy Toll, or HOT, lanes.

The variably priced tolls haven’t started, but the fun house kicked into high gear on Friday after the DOT and its contractors finished altering the lane configuration on one of the region’s most heavily traveled corridors.

South Floridians reacted with typical understatement and grace. Sure, there were rollover accidents and med-evac airlifts, serious injuries and extensive property damage. But there wasn’t one report of express-lane inspired gunplay.

Not yet, anyway.

Anybody remember the shifted traffic lanes on US 1 back in the 1990’s? Yeah, that worked, too.

Meanwhile, the DOT offers some helpful tips on how to manage the change.

HT to SFDB for the picture.